Nanotechnology –

Building has to change and new materials play an essential role in this. Nanotechnology can contribute to making the buildings of the future more efficient and resource-saving. We already have an interdisciplinary team, now one is missing Building research center in Lusatia.

Gianaurelio Cuniberti – Materials Science and Nanotechnology Expert

Today we introduce the Italian scientist Gianaurelio (Giovanni) Cuniberti. He is a university lecturer and deals with topics with a focus on molecular #bioelectronics and #biosensors as well as #material modeling and #transport phenomena. Since 2007 he has held the professorship for materials science and nanotechnology at the Technical University of Dresden. In addition to his work as a #professor, he heads the #nanobiomaterials department of the Max Bergmann Center for #biomaterials and is the founding director of the Dresden Center for Computational Materials Science (DCMS).

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