Challenges –

Most environmental, social and economic challenges have their origin in the fact that we have not thought through decisions in the past or avoided them. I work to ensure that sustainability assessment will play a central role in the future of construction.

Edeltraud Günther – Expert for sustainability and development perspectives

We wish everyone a healthy New Year. We have clearly defined our resolutions for 2022: a #building research center in #Lausitz. How are we going to make it? With a strong interdisciplinary team. Edeltraud Guenther is part of the #lalausitz team. She has been measuring and evaluating sustainability for over 30 years. After the question: “Is sustainability worth it?” was topical for many years, the questions: “How does sustainability pay off?” and “What barriers hinder sustainable development?” are now at the center of her research. As Director at the United Nations University UNU-FLORES, she acts as a link to the United Nations and its member states.